10 things for which it is time to stop condemning women

Successful results begin with teamwork, and good manners with a humane and respectful attitude towards someone else’s personality. Women and so weakly "receive" malicious comments from strangers on the Internet, in order to be exposed to condemnation of loved ones. So, why should we stop blaming each other?

For life to the fullest

For some reason, at school we were taught to criticize the very Dragonfly from Krylov's fable, which sang all summer with a short-sighted vision, when in fact we learned in the same school that “summer is a little life” and it is necessary to rejoice in it so that positive energy lasted a few months in advance. What are we doing this for? And the fact that at times we all do not interfere with being a Dragonfly, spin a reckless romance, run off on an unexpected journey, dance on the bar counter, or even sit back at the desk as a student. Of course, we are not British scientists, but we are sure that Dragonflies, unlike Ants, are much less likely to suffer from fatigue and depression.

10 things for which it is time to stop condemning women

For not dressing by age

Who invented all these stupid rules about the fact that after 40 it is impossible to show bare knees, and after 50 - to wear romantic rjushechki? The style should begin and end with the love of self, and, perhaps, only in this case, it becomes original. That's why, if someone arranges their own knees, then why is it worth saying "no" to mini, and even to the same 30-degree heat?

For lovers, including those younger in age

On the topic of sex in our society a long time ago there are double standards: there are plenty of media and sex advertisements, but married couples who for years experience a complete lack of intimacy, never share it aloud. And in matters of sex outside marriage, there is an insulting inequality: men can be "biologically", and women can not, because you need to behave "decently", although in fact, nature predisposed to sexual pleasure (read, multiple orgasms) rather women, than men.

For drinking too much and “provoking” men

It is time to understand for a long time: for sexual aggression and harassment there are no excuses.Would you in court decide "otmazyvatsya" from the charge of theft, explaining that the victim was drunk? Or apologize for apartment hacking due to the fact that the owners slept? The same applies to men: it is necessary to cultivate respect for women in any situation in them, and not to justify turning the latter into an “inanimate object” at every convenient opportunity.

10 things for which it is time to stop condemning women

For not interested in fashion or cosmetics

All women are different. One damn like to spend the evenings watching beauty blogs, and then drawing perfect arrows until midnight, while others are not at all interested. They have other things to do, other hobbies, and perhaps it’s banal that they don’t have that much free time for fashionable stuff.

For not wanting children

Children (and no matter how many words of love you would put in one sentence with this word) are, first of all, a big responsibility and substantial monetary costs. And also self-sacrifice, dedication, patience and endurance with a shelf life of at least 18 years in advance. Well, so what, you're ready, and Natalya Vodyanova did take out five at all! And someone is not ready and, by the way, is not at all obliged to explain the reasons to you.

For not being actively searched

We, women, have one bad habit, which, like most of these habits, hurts ourselves rather than someone else, and she describes it this way: to be in perpetual readiness to meet the man of her dreams. At times it seems that it's even harder than serving in a real army. That is why it is strange that many are still surprised when one of the women "evades" ...

10 things for which it is time to stop condemning women

For just being friends with men

Oh God, and some do not allow themselves to pay, imagine? Or they even bring them home and give them presents - just because they are happy with this man and have fun without any plans for the future. Let's stop already questioning the very fact that women know how to be friends - sincerely, for real, not for the sake of living at someone else's expense, not as an escort, not in the hope of jumping out, yet marrying or getting a promotion, but just making friends interests, as do ... men.

For wearing open clothes

Unlike the male body, the female body in our society has turned into a kind of art object - we have to "work" over it, take care of it, pump it up, keep it on a diet, depilate and carry out a lot of manipulations every day.It is not surprising that, having invested so much effort in themselves, many women want to put on an open outfit and do not hesitate to present the result of training, masks and other tricks.

For becoming unfeminine

Before you blame someone for this, you'd better think about it, what if the only reason is that your concepts of femininity do not coincide? A strong woman can be just as feminine as a weak, careerist - to the same extent as a housewife.

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