10 Ways to transform old sneakers

Crafts, Beauty

There were warm days and on the streets more and more often began to meet, loved by all, sneakers. Besides the fact that they are extremely comfortable, practical and beautiful, sneakers attract a lot of attention from hand-makers, as it is very simple todecorate with your own hands.

Bright colors break the routine, make us take a different look at the objects around us. They turn old sneakers, forgotten in the country, into weekend shoes - fashionable sneakers will have to make room. In addition, in the yard - spring, a time when you want something unusual and new.

For your inspiration, we have gathered10 interesting workshopson shoe decor. Sneakers are very easy to decorate, it all depends on your imagination, the fabric from which they are sewn is great for the manifestation of your creative vein. For such a fabric, acrylic textile paint is used, with which we can apply an interesting pattern or a funny pattern.If you do not want to be limited to the application of paint, you can use three-dimensional decorative elements, such as rivets, embroidery on fabrics, sequins and so on. each person has his own style, which he expresses in his clothes, try to create your own unique model, and we will help you with ideas for inspiration.

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