12 V Portable Disk Sander

The work in the home workshop is diverse. Sometimes it is necessary to grind or grind some part or workpiece. And there is no grinding machine, and there is no grinder. In such a situation, a portable tool assembled almost on your lap will be able to help out. The disk grinder offered in today's video is completely portable. In addition, if the voltage with a fixed network of 220 V, this tool will be most welcome. After all, it feeds its 12V battery.
Portable disk grinder for 12 V
Portable disk grinder for 12 VPortable disk grinder for 12 VPortable disk grinder for 12 VPortable grinding machine for 12 V

Grinding wheel and final assembly of the grinder

Take a sheet of thin, but elastic sheet, and mark with a circle a circle with a diameter of 100 mm. Cut the disc with scissors and make a small hole in the center under the presser screw for the sleeve. div>

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