16 tips that will be helpful if you spend the night in a hotel.

A good hotel is not an unimportant detail of the whole vacation. But we are not always lucky in this. We decided to collect 16 tips for you to help you enjoy your vacation. These are really the best tips, be careful on your next trip ...
1. Iron substitute
If you got things, and see that the clothes are wrinkled, and you do not have an iron, you can turn on the shower, after some time turn off the water and hang things on the shower itself, be careful not to let the water drip. Steam will help smooth out clothes.

2. Too dry!
If it seems to you that the air is very dry, place a damp towel next to the air conditioning system. Now you have your own humidifier!

3. Store clothes and shoes separately.
Use shower caps to separate clothes from shoes in a suitcase.

4. Cook yourself
If you miss homemade food, stay in hotels where pots and pans are provided.Think about the money you save!

5. Children at the hotel
Use pillows to create a barrier in the middle of the bed so that each child has a different place.

6. Sleep well
Place a rolled towel along the bottom of the door to avoid noise and light entering the room.

7. Children's table
Turn the ironing board into an improvised table for which children can eat.


8. Get rid of the light
Use the clips on the coat hanger to close the gaps between the draperies.

9. Fast food
You can use the coffee maker for instant dishes, such as Asian noodles and oatmeal.

10. Replacement charger
If you forget the plug of the charger, use a different type of plug, you have nothing to worry about. Most modern hotel rooms have a USB connector that can be used as a charger.

11. Children
If you are traveling with children, you can turn the table into a changing board.

12. Dirty diapers
Use plastic bags provided by the hotel for dirty clothes to dispose of used baby diapers.

13. What is the smell!
Put baby wipes in your suitcase or in dirty diaper bags to get rid of any unpleasant odors.

14. The Internet
If the hotel charges a fee for using the Internet, you can share the Internet from your mobile phone, creating a personal access point.

15. Keep toothbrushes clean
Use clothes pegs to fasten a toothbrush.

16. Washing time
Use the coins and pack to get water. Then you can wash the clothes again under running water.

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