19 casual hairstyles you should try

Do you like casual style in clothes? So it's time to learn how to do the appropriate hairstyle! There is a special charm in these, a little careless, styling. And it's also simple, fun and stylish! Casual hairstyle should not be boring! Meet the top 19 casual hairstyles.

Scarlet fish tail

Excellent option, both for office, and for appointment. Romance and concentration in one bottle!

Hairstyles in casual style: do careless styling

This hairstyle is ideal for both the wedding and the corporate, and light negligence only emphasizes your readiness for adventure!

Turn an ordinary tail into a stylish one

A tiny pigtail or interesting braiding will make your tail a work of art.

Do not forget about the beam

Having wrapped your hair in the style of “just out of bed”, you will definitely attract attention!

Hairstyles in casual style: ruffle

Loosen your hair, brush them with your fingers and you're ready to go!

Collect the shell

Cover the hair on the back of your head to get a seashell in a casual style. Don't even try to be careful!

Make a layered tail

The longer the hair, the more levels! Do not forget to fluff hair to give a hairstyle easy carelessness.

Hairstyles in casual style: “go to the side”

Collect the hair on one side, so you get your favorite hairstyle of all stars. Do not worry if some strands are knocked out of the crowd, just scroll them so that they beautifully framed the face.

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