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23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019

By  | January 8, 2019

Are you a bride to be and planning your wedding? Then you are in the right place. We have put together 23 trendy wedding ideas for 2019. With the new year will come a whole new set of wedding trends and themes. So, we have done some of the work for you and found stylish bridalwear, decor ideas and more. Take a look and get inspired to make your big day one to be remembered.

1. Unique Seating Chart

First up we have a unique, beautiful and practical decor idea for your wedding reception. These two doors have been painted and have all the tables and who is sitting at each one. It will tell your guests exactly where to go and it looks stunning to. You could have something similar with any color scheme, calligraphy and flower arrangement.

Unique Seating Chart for a Wedding


2. Crystal Tiara

Crystal tiaras have come into the style spotlight and will continue to be in 2019. We love this alternative to the traditional tiaras as it will give the bride wearing it a unique, boho look. You can purchase these tiaras with any crystals and with any design from simple to statement making.

Gold Bridal Tiara


3. Sparkly Dresses

A wedding is such a special occasion so why not add some sparkle?! This next pick features three gold sparkling dresses in three different styles. These dresses prove that a bit of shimmer can look super glamorous for a formal event. You could choose something like this for the bridesmaids, for yourself or for the party afterwards.

Gold Glitter Dresses for Bridesmaids


4. Stylish Bridal Table Sign Idea

Tables need signs to let everyone know where they are sat. This sign is glass with stunning white calligraphy and a white base. A sign like this would be a beautiful addition to any table. You could have one like this for the bride and ones with numbers on for the other tables.

Stylish Bridal Table Sign Idea


5. Unique Bridalwear

Some brides do not want the traditional white dress and if that is you, then this next idea is for you. This beautiful bride is wearing a leather jacket with her dress that says “wifey”. The jacket looks super trendy with the dress and the embroidered flowers soften the jacket. We love this unique look and you could wear a jacket like this with any dress.

Cute Wifey Wedding Photo Idea


6. Boat Wedding Venue Idea

You want to make your wedding the best of the year and one to remember. A way to do this is by choosing a wedding venue or reception venue that will wow. You could go with the traditional castle or manor house but what about something cool like a boat! That is what this couple did and there pictures look stunning.

Boat Wedding Venue Idea


7. Vibrant Odd Chairs

In many weddings the ceremony has the same chairs on either side and it is all symmetrical. Mix up the look of your ceremony and have mixed vibrant chairs like these. Chairs like these will give your venue a fun, relaxed and boho look. You could have chairs in any color.

Vibrant Odd Wedding Chairs


8. Stylish Bridal Jumpsuit

If you are looking at traditional bridalwear and the white dresses are not your thing, then go for something different like this jumpsuit. Now we know that a jumpsuit is not what brides usually wear but this glam beaded jumpsuit looks so amazing! Wear this with beautiful jewelry and shoes and you will be a stunning bride. You could even wear it for the party afterwards.

Stylish Bridal Jumpsuit


9. Glam Table Settings

Want to wow your guests? Then consider table settings like these for your reception. All your guests would love to eat their meal, listen to the speeches and enjoy the day in glam surroundings like this. When creating your own table settings choose gold and light colors for chic look.

Glam Wedding Table Settings


10. Funky Wedding Teepee

Having a summer wedding? Then consider a funky teepee for your wedding ceremony or reception. It is unique, fun and will suit the summer mood. A teepee will give your wedding a boho, festival vibe which is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxed wedding.

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23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019
23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 images

2019 year
2019 year - 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 pictures

23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 forecast
23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 advise photo

23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 pics
23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 photo

23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 new images
23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 new foto

photo 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019
pics 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019

Watch 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 video
Watch 23 Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2019 video

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