35 phrases from Odessa, which will be useful in any situation!

A few catchy phrases that distinguish an ordinary Russian-speaking resident from the real Odessa.

Odessa is a nationality! Like every nation, Odessans have their own language, which you will never confuse with any other dialect. Many linguists distinguish it into a separate "Odessa language". A language that will be forever young.

Here are 35 phrases impregnated with the spirit of a wonderful city that distinguish an ordinary Russian-speaking citizen from an Odessan ...

  1. I have something to say to you ...
  2. Oh, do not persuade me, I already agree!
  3. Became arrogant, as a traffic cop from a prestigious intersection.
  4. I respect you, although I have already forgotten why!
  5. Well, look at this patriot at my expense!
  6. Shaw, live so badly - the current in one hand bag?
  7. On you, this is to throw out! Took and died in the midst of complete health!
  8. You sho, quarreled with your brains?
  9. Well, so will you buy, or will I forget you forever?
  10. Schaz I'll scandal you and you will have fun.
  11. Dear tenants! Have a conscience, throw garbage into the next yard!
  12. Son-in-law is a foreign body in the house ...
  13. Do you have money to act like that?
  14. Fima, do not brush my nerves ...
  15. Comrade! You bother me impressed!
  16. In the Odessa tram: - Madame, your leg in my throat has become ...
  17. Sho do you want from my life? Already sit down and do not ask questions ...
  18. Yasha, just look at her hip composition!
  19. Senya, do not run so fast, but then, God forbid, catch up with your heart attack.
  20. Neighbor neighbor about the neckline: - Madame, you have a heart in the yard!
  21. Man, what are you waiting ahead of me? You were not here.
  22. Do not take me to the place where the back ends its noble name!
  23. Ta I don’t need to make nerves, they have someone to spoil.
  24. I do not want to upset you, but I'm fine.
  25. You sho, hurry rather than me?
  26. Smile ... tomorrow will be even worse ...
  27. I know myself, and you yourself think what you want.
  28. - Well, why did you sew me some unhappy pants for a month ?! God created the world in seven days, and here - pants - a month! .. - Ha, young man ... You still look at this world - and you look at these pants! ..
  29. “Solomon, how many will be a family of eight?” - Do we sell or buy?
  30. Here you are telling it in all seriousness? No risk? No, I just start to like you!
  31. Do not make mine pregnant head!
  32. I am ashamed to walk with you one by one Odessa!
  33. I am ready to listen for your request.
  34. I am a creative person - I want to create, I want to get up.

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