400 kilograms of happiness: Kirkorov ordered a cake with diamonds

April 30, the singer celebrates his anniversary, he will be 50 years old! In honor of this event Philip will cook a two-meter cake.

A favorite confectioner of stars Renat Agzamov, whose masterpieces are constantly ordered by Ksenia Borodina, Christina Asmus, Iosif Prigogine and many other celebrities, will conjure over the royal dessert for Philip. And, of course, Philip Kirkorov.

The singer will celebrate his anniversary right in the Kremlin Palace. After the concert, a festive banquet will take place, which will decorate a sweet two-meter masterpiece weighing 400 kilograms.

On the eve of the holiday, the host of the �Confectioner� project of the Friday! TV channel Renat Agzamov and his assistants came to the Kremlin to meet with Kirkorov to discuss the latest details of the cake and hold a tasting of fillings.

�It was so delicious that I devoured all the samples: honey cake, carrot, and chiffon!� Said Kirkorov.

The pop king's cake will stand on a luxurious baguette - an exact replica of the baguette that adorns the paintings of Louis XIV at Versailles.The top of the confectionery will be decorated with the symbol of the Kirkorov show - a carved and ornate letter I, covered with edible gold.

�For Philip, I have already made more than 10 cakes, this project will be awesome! We make in the center of it a huge crown of the Russian empire, which will shimmer with all the colors of emeralds from caramel and caramel diamonds. When exporting the cake to the hall, the crown will rotate around its axis. It will be a magnificent spectacle, �shared Agzamov.

About 200 people have been working on the production of jewelry for the culinary masterpiece for a whole month already! A cake will be baked the day before the event. The whole cooking process can be seen on the air of the �Confectioner� project on the �Friday!� TV channel.

Photo: TV channel "Friday!"
Photo: TV channel "Friday!"
Photo: TV channel "Friday!"
April 28, 2017Gordienko Alesya

Why so much noise. Event of all-Russian scale. There are in Russia more famous and deserved, but they celebrate their anniversaries without any pump.

Or modesty is no longer in vogue?

200g there will be a lot of cake for everyone (taking into account what they have drunk and eaten).

a guest01.05.17 13:23

where so much envy and anger? Well, who does not allow you to live and work on such a scale ??? It would not have been Philip, since such people would find another object for condemnation. Well done Philip, you make us happy a lot and you deserve our love.

A feast during the plague. Also found the king homegrown. And the diamonds from that cake will go to everyone? or, who has time to bite off,


a guest01.05.17 10:09

On each channel, Kirkorov talks about how he has changed, etc. And, in fact, everything is the same again, he wants to show everyone what he is the most .... In our big country there are more worthy

and hto this? (who is worthier ???)

a guest01.05.17 16:29

it's probably cool crown in honor of Catherine the Great

a guest05.05.17 11:06

I wonder what Phil is like.? What contribution he made, so far he has been investing in himself. And he has done something good for the Russians. Only singing songs. I understand - Chulpan Khamatova, she has a foundation, she helps. for example, whose parents do not have enough money for treatment. You have children themselves. Not everything is always in chocolate. There is enough time on the stage to trample, to trade in New Year's lights. Please God, finally.

a guest05.05.17 11:44

.... in general, how can you watch it and listen. just awesome.

a guest05.05.17 11:48

Feast during the war !!! How much falsehood - this is the hero of our time?

Sick children get 75rub via sms, and these "kings" spend 40 million for their birthday and eat cakes with diamonds ...

In my comment there is no anger or envy. I quipped by the amount of cake coming to one guest. And how much and what is drunk ...

To be honest, you have to be modest, or to be modest is a relic of the past.

And why all-Russian noise on all TV channels, as Kirkorov will celebrate the 50th anniversary.

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