7 Inspiring stories of people who created houses on wheels from old buses

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Do you want adventure and live a full life? Todaywe have more opportunities than ever to create the life we ​​would like to see. But it will require your courage and dedication to break away from the boring routine in order to get away on your home on wheels. We gathered7 stories of peoplewho made their dreams come true - they made a house on wheels from an old bus and went on a trip.

Jesse Lipskin

Instead of looking for your dream home,Jessedecided to build it on her own. Scrolling through eBay, she fell in love with the yearGMC 1966bus. Jesse spent three years to turn the old junk into an unmatched home on wheels. The most difficult step was finding the right people to complete the project.

I love to do everything myself, however, I have no experience with plumbing, electricity and woodworking required for this project. The big problem was that it was very different from the construction work in the house. The level was useless because the slope varies depending on the location and condition of the tires.

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