7 tools for removing circles under the eyes

  1. The simplest home remedy is to put a slice of raw potato or cucumber on each eye. The substances contained in these vegetables will remove puffiness and saturate the skin with essential vitamins.
  2. Wiping the skin with ice cubes has an excellent tonic, anti-edematous and vasoconstrictive effect. Especially if they are made on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs: Hypericum, chamomile, nettle and calendula. Do this procedure every morning and evening.
  3. If there is no time or desire to make cubes, then in almost every pharmacy you can now buy special gel eye masks. It should be put in the freezer, take out after a while and hold for 7-10 minutes on the eyes. The mask for the eyes you will be satisfied, because it gives good effect.
  4. The market of cosmetics today offers a huge amount of emulsions, gels, serums and night creams, allowing you to remove puffiness of the eyes.Be sure to see that the composition of funds included extracts of nettle, chestnut, St. John's wort, Russkus and other herbs. They are responsible for improving blood microcirculation in the vessels. Also pay attention to the texture - it should be light, quickly absorbed. Do not forget that you should not intensively rub the cream into the eyelids. Movement should be light patting. Good cosmetics can be purchased on the site http://www.lunifera.ru/.
  5. Obviously, circles under the eyes are the first sign of lack of sleep. Therefore, the first action should be the normalization of sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same time, an hour before bedtime, air the room. You can also drink soothing fees based on medicinal herbs (motherwort, valerian root, mint, lemon balm).

  1. An unhealthy lifestyle and adherence to addiction is the cause of under eye circles. Normalize food, balance the consumption of sweet, salty and fatty foods, limit smoking and alcohol consumption.
  2. Finally, if none of the above has the desired effect, many salons offer a number of procedures that can quickly solve a pressing problem.So, microcurrent therapy and a cosmetic laser perfectly improve blood circulation, promote lymph flow and reduce skin pigmentation. Introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin (mesotherapy) has a powerful stimulating and tonic effect on it. The procedure almost immediately smoothes the skin around the eyelids.

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