9 tricks for quick house cleaning! You can not do without them ...

Every hostess wants her house to shine clean. However, it is sometimes very difficult to keep track of the brilliance and order, andcleanersin stores are not cheap. In addition, synthetic agents can cause allergies and skin diseases.

Ways to care for your home with the use of natural products are gaining popularity every day."With Your Hands"suggest a couple of ideas how to clean the apartment with simple tips and available tools.

How to clean the apartment

Spray the vinegar on the nozzle, wrap in a plastic bag and leave overnight. In the morning everything will sparkle!clean the apartment quickly and cleanly

During home cleaning, we often forget about the walls, which also accumulate dirt. Prepare a solution of 1 part water and 1 part salt and wash the walls with it.clean the apartment without chemicals

Does your vacuum cleaner have no special attachments for hard-to-reach places? No problem! As a nozzle, you can use a cardboard sleeve from toilet paper.clean the apartment without a vacuum cleaner

You can use a regular sock as a mop head. Simply and easily!how to clean a large apartment

Remove scratches from shoes with cotton swabs and nail polish remover with acetone.how to clean a dirty apartment

Synthetic products can damage bathroom enamel. To avoid this, use a natural solution: 1/2 Art. baking soda, 1/4 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp. liquid soap.

how to clean the apartment in a day

Quickly andeasy to clean carpetsbaking soda will help. You just need to sprinkle the soda on the carpet and then vacuum it. In addition, soda helps remove the unpleasantsmell in the apartment.clean the apartment in 2 hours

The sofa is very often prone to contamination. Soda and alcohol mixed in equal quantities will help to clean the contaminated areas of the sofa as well as expensive cleaning products.clean the apartment after repair

If vinegar is added to water, oily dishes will be washed much easier.how to clean the apartment from dust

These tricks will help make your home clean and radiant. And most importantly, all these tools are environmentally friendly and do not require huge costs.

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