A bunch of soft toys

Necessary material for making a bouquet of soft toys: 1. Soft toys "Teddy" gray - 7 pcs. 2. Gift wrapping paper is yellow. 3. A circle of foam. 4. A piece of hose with a length of 15 cm. 5. Sisal of red color. 6. Purple satin ribbon. 7. Wide transparent adhesive tape. 8. Narrow paper scotch. 9. Thermocouple. 10. Knitting wire. 11. Nippers. Stages of the bouquet: 1. From polystyrene cut out with a clerical knife circle of the desired diameter. The diameter of the circle depends on the number of toys and their size. For my bouquet, I cut a circle with a diameter of 12 cm. In the center of this circle of foam should mark the hole with a piece of hose.
 materials for the bouquet
2. Fill the hole well with glue from the thermo-pistol and insert a piece of hose into it, then around the hose also process everything carefully with glue.
3.In order that the hose would not tear the paper and no one guessed that we used the hose at all, its tip must be wrapped with a wide transparent adhesive tape. If the hose is too thin, then it can be completely wrapped with scotch.  polystyrene circle
4. Using paper for packing yellow gifts and a thermo-gun, it is necessary to decorate the foam so that it can not be seen.  wrapping we wrap the foam 5. Also with the help of yellow wrapping paper it is necessary to form our bouquet. This can be done with paper of another color or from another material, which will make the bouquet even more beautiful. The most important thing is that the seam of paper should be glued very carefully so that it is not visible. 6. The center of the handle of our bunch is wrapped with paper tape. 7. For making our bouquet, soft toy-charms of small size (5-7 cm) are best. You can use not only bears, but also kittens, dogs, rabbits, etc. The main thing,that all toys would be the same.
 wrapping foam
 soft toy
8. In order to attach soft toys to the foam it is necessary to cut off 7 pieces of knitting wire and pierce the toy near the tail. 9. In order for the wire not to be pierced through our bear, the wire itself must be carefully processed with a glue from a thermal pistol.
 soft toy
10 . Do everything that is described in paragraphs 7 and 8 with the remaining toys. 11. Now let's start assembling the bouquet. To do this, it is necessary to glue a little red sisal into the bouquet, then on it in a circle to seat the bears under a slight inclination so that they touch each other with legs, and put one bear in the center of the bouquet.
 a bunch of soft toys
Do not forget that when assembling a bouquet, the seam of wrapping paper should be at the back. 12. In order that the bouquet does not seem empty, you can add more sisal, so that it slightly covers the bears.Paper tape on the handle of the bouquet must be closed with a satin ribbon of purple. 13. In the center of this tape I pasted a flower with the inscription "Heartily". 14. So our sweet bunch of soft toys is ready, which will be a wonderful gift not only for a very small princess, but also for a young girl. This bouquet will never fade!
 Nice bouquet of soft toys

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