A case for a cup of felt

Case for a cup of felt
A rather fashionable accessory and a very original gift is a case made of felt for a tea or coffee cup that will certainly create a positive mood during morning or evening meal at a family table or with friends. The design of such cases can be varied. It depends on who is the owner of the cup decorated in such a way. Perhaps, any woman will like a cup dressed in an elegant blouse in polka-dot fashionable at all times with a classic collar. For making such a case you will need:
  • Red with white polka dots felt 1 mm thick;
  • Fragment of white felt;
  • Five white beads;
  • Scissors;
  • Silicone glue;
  • White Velcro for garments.
Case I have a cup of felt
From selected felt need to cut two strips. The width and height of the first will depend on the height and diameter of the cup.The size of the second bar is from the width of the cup handle opening.
 Felt cup case
The rectangle of adhesive tape should be divided into two halves, one of which should be glued in the middle of the inner the edges of the wide felt strip, and the second - on the front side of the narrow strip.
 Case for a cup of felt
Determining the length of a cup according to the scope of the cup Rocky felt strip, a narrow strip attached with silicone glue to the back of the wide strip.
 Case for a cup of felt
At the top of the future case, closer to its edge which will subsequently be next to the cup handle, glue the collar of a blouse cut out of white felt, and then cut out the excess part of the main felt remaining on top of the collar.
 case for a cup of felt
Following down from the neckline of the collar, five white beads imitating buttons of a blouse are placed at the same distance from each other on silicone glue .
Case for felt cup
The finished case is fixed on the cup.Her elegant outfit is ready.
 Case for felt cup

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