A double blanket without sewing? It's easy, with the help of this trick

Not everyone likes to sew, besides, this requires additional knowledge and a lot of time. Nothing wrong! You can learn to do many things without using threads and needles. It requires only a few materials for the work and a bit of patience. The creative process captures you so quickly that you do not have time to look back, as you already fall in love with this trick!

To create a seamless double blanket, you will need:

  • two identical cuts of fleece;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

The work process is so simple that it is even hard to believe:

1. Put one cut of fleece on the other, smoothly joining the edges.

2. Cut out the corners, and then gently cut the edges, measuring the thickness of future nodules by centimeter.

3. Begin to twist the fabric into a knot. It will take a little patience.

The result will be a new double blanket!

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