Homemade plant for growing green onions - a feather.

For those who do not know, “Onion Happiness” is a popular brand of the pseudo-hydroponic system, which, according to manufacturers' advertising brochures, allows them to be grown from bulbs by forcing up to 1.5 kilograms of green onion feathers per month. Why, then, is the pseudo-hydroponic system likely to be asked by an innocent reader? It's simple: the hydroponic system involves the complete introduction of micro and macro elements into the nutrient solution containing the roots of the plant, and in this case, ordinary deflated water is poured into the pan, and nutrients are stored in the body of the bulb while it is growing in the ground. So what is this miracle of commercial thought? Let us dwell on this in more detail. And it represents the following: a low pallet into which water is poured, a lid-tray with grooves into which the bulbs are placed, a low-power aquarium compressor, a tube-air duct and a spray for air.The price of such a product in stores and on the Internet is unreasonably high and on average is over $ 15. On closer examination it turns out that such an installation can be made independently of available materials that are widely sold and it will cost at least twice cheaper than buying it entirely. So let's get started. We go to the nearest pet store and buy the smallest aquarium compressor, not a pump with a filter, namely a compressor.
 pseudo-hydroponic system
We also buy a meter of silicone tube there, and 2 air-spray stones. Next, go to the flower shop or to the market and buy a tray for sprouting onions on the pen. The retail value of such a tray is a mere penny - 1-1.5 dollars. Then everything is simple: in the lid of the tray we make a hole with a diameter of 6 millimeters (you can drill or fuse a desired diameter with a heated nail with a nail, and in the last resort, with a knife or scissors).
 pseudo-hydroponic system
Then we pass through this hole a tube, from which we preliminarily cut 2 pieces of 10 cm each.At the end of the tube, which will be immersed in water, we put on a tee with short tubes and sprays that are put on to bends. The opposite end of the tube is put on the compressor connection. All. The unit is ready for operation.
is growing onions
We set up the construction on the window sill, pour it into a drip pan of defended water, immerse the sprayers and cover with a tray. In the cells of the tray lay out the bulbs and turn on the compressor in the network.
 growing onion
If the bulbs for forcing were chosen correctly (not rotten, with feather and root buds), then already in 2 weeks you will be able to shoot your first harvest of green feather, but if the onion has not sprouted, then it will take 21 days to harvest. Of course, 1.5 kilograms of greenery will not be there, because the advertisers of “Onion happiness” have shamelessly exaggerated, and, nevertheless, it is much more profitable than buying such a plant or a ready-made green onion feather.
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