All About Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Symptoms and Course

Chickenpox is caused by the herpes virus of the third type, it enters the human body after airborne contact with the patient, after which the incubation period begins, which can last from ten days to three weeks. The virus spreads through the mucous membranes through the blood and lymphatic vessels throughout the body and begins to multiply. At this time, the symptoms of the disease do not appear, but the person is already contagious.
The incubation period is followed by an infectious. The first symptoms are fever, shivering, pains in the head and abdomen, and general malaise. Characteristic rashes, which can easily identify chickenpox, appear after two days: small spots spread throughout the body, which itch a lot, then they turn into papules - small nodules, then they become bubbles, and after a few days they dry up, becoming covered with crusts. The crusts disappear a few weeks after the first symptoms appear.
In the mild form of the disease, a person feels only a slight deterioration, the temperature rarely exceeds 38 � C, there are few eruptions, they disappear in a few days. In severe form, the rash appears not only on the skin, but also on the mucous membranes, there is a very high temperature and severe itching.

Chickenpox treatment

It is difficult to directly influence herpes viruses, therefore chickenpox is one of the most inadequately controlled diseases. There are only a small number of effective drugs against chickenpox. The most commonly used drugs based on interferon, which reduce the number of rashes, prevent the occurrence of complications. Apply such means as "Gossypol", "Alpizarin", "Flakozid" and others.
During the febrile period of the disease, bed rest should be followed; if there is severe itching, it is advisable to use antihistamines. It is very important not to overheat, otherwise the itching will intensify.
Chickenpox antibiotics are rarely used and only with the development of complications. In general, the prognosis of the course of this disease is favorable, among the residual effects only small scars are observed (if you break the crust from the rash).

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