Bezmiamachnaya paint for hair

Undoubtedly, in comparison with ordinary hair dye, bezammia has several advantages, which we will now consider in detail.

The question of healthy, beautiful hair excites every woman, they require good care and attention. Some women are not particularly satisfied with the color of their hair, or just at a certain period of life they wanted to change something in their appearance, where to start, of course, with a new hair color. But you want not just to dye your hair, but to do it without harm to their health, and here comes to the rescue hair dye without ammonia.

The main feature of the paint without ammonia in the composition is that with it you can not only give a new shade to your hair, but also drastically change their color without harming their health! Such paint does not penetrate deep into the hairs, its substances do not change the natural pigment, but only envelop it, thus giving a new color. The only drawback of this gentle paint is that it is quickly washed off.And a cardinal change of hair color after the first coloring will simply not work, but if you use it regularly, then each time it will penetrate deeper into the hair structure, as a result, a more saturated and lasting color.

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Another advantage of non-ammonia inks is that most of them contain vitamins and special hair-improving substances. Quite often, after using this dye, hair becomes softer and more docile, acquires volume and additional shine. Ammonia-free dye in its qualities is quite close to natural hair dyes.

If you decide to experience the effect of dye without ammonia, remember that a good hair dye can not be cheap. At a price, it is at least twice as expensive as ordinary paint. If you saw a relatively inexpensive non-ammonia paint, then do not be tempted to buy it, this risk means nothing to you.It can damage the hair even more ordinary paint. Also, do not buy products containing sodium benzonate and / or amines, it is also harmful to the hair.

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