An amazing piece can be made from a towel soaked in cement mortar.

A little imagination, a cement-sand mixture and 48 hours - that's all you need to create cheap and beautiful things.

First you need to prepare a large container for mixing the solution. It will take cement (1 part), fine sand (3 parts) and water. Mix sand with cement first. Add water in small portions. The solution should turn out liquid, something in consistence resembling thick sour cream.

Soak the fabric in the mixture afterwards (large terry towels will do). Thin fabric will absorb a little solution. Thin fabric is too fragile products, so it is preferable to use a cloth.

After a pot or a bucket, covered with a film, hang the impregnated cloth.

Let dry completely. It will take about 48 hours.

After drying, you get the original pots.

Successful experiments.

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