And you know how to cook tsikovniki?

Do you like to try different dishes? Then you will definitely be pleased with the chicken shakers! And when you recognize the main ingredient, you will absolutely be surprised!

What is this dish?

If you know the Ukrainian language, you probably already have solved the secret of the main ingredient. This tsybulya, that is, onions! Tsybulnik, in fact, are some onion cakes. The history of their appearance is not known for certain, but, according to one of the legends, they originated in Lviv (that is why they are sometimes called “Lviv cakes”).

During the besieging of Lviv by the Turks, the townspeople decided to deceive their enemies by putting carts with sand at the gate that imitated provisions. The opponents left the city, considering that there was still a lot of food and strength. But in fact, then only a bow remained, and it was they who were fed by the woman’s soldiers, cooking cakes.

How to do?

How to cook delicious chicken rolls? Below are two options.

First option

This recipe is quite simple, and for cooking you will need:

  • four onions;
  • half a cup of wheat flour;
  • three eggs;
  • a teaspoon of soda or baking powder (baking powder);
  • sunflower oil for frying;
  • salt pepper.


  1. Peel and chop the onions in any way that is familiar to you, for example, skip through a meat grinder or chop with a knife (you can use a grater).
  2. Put the onion in a rather deep bowl, there break the eggs, add the flour and salt with pepper, and baking powder or previously quenched with boiling water or vinegar soda. Mix everything well.
  3. In a frying pan, heat the oil.
  4. Pick up the onion dough with a tablespoon and place the tortillas on the bottom of the pan. Fry them until golden and crisp on both sides.

Second option

These homemade fish shakers are more crumbly and soft.


  • three large onions;
  • two or three eggs;
  • two tablespoons of semolina;
  • tablespoon flour;
  • salt;
  • oil (for frying).


  1. Onions, after the preliminary cleaning, finely chop or, for example, rub.
  2. In the resulting onion mass, add eggs, semolina with flour and salt. Mix everything to get a homogeneous mass. Leave it for half an hour, during this time the semolina will swell a little, so the cakes will become more crumbly, airy.
  3. Heat the oil well in the pan.
  4. Spoon form the cakes, put in a frying pan and fry for literally a couple of minutes on each side.


A few final recommendations:

  1. Serve tsibulniki best hot or warm, always with sour cream.
  2. These onion tortillas can be used in different ways, for example, served as a separate dish for tea, eating with first courses or soups instead of bread.
  3. If you add sugar to the dough, then you get sweet pancakes.
  4. Although the taste and smell of onions in the finished tsybulnikah not felt, you can give them a spicy aroma and interesting flavor. To do this, add your favorite seasonings or spices, they definitely will not be superfluous.
  5. You can try to mix onions with other ingredients, such as zucchini, apples, pumpkin. Of course, such flatbreads will no longer be a traditional chicken, but this will not make them any less tasty.

If you have a bow at home, then let it go - make tsybulniki!

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