Anodized paint rings

Materials and tools:

  1. rings for weaving (titanium or others);
  2. three 9V batteries (or other power source) - the more batteries, the greater the range of colors;
  3. battery terminals;
  4. wires;
  5. plastic container
  6. electrolyte solution - a solution of soda in water (you can also use Coca-Cola, Pepsi, a solution of vinegar)
  7. office knife;
  8. electrical tape.

Step 1

Connect 3 batteries with wires in series (wire from “-” one battery to “+” of another battery, after connecting 2 “free” wires “+” and “-” will remain). You can also use a power source instead of batteries.

About the colors:

  • 3-4 batteries - blue-violet color;
  • with 9 batteries - yellow, pale green, turquoise
  • 3 batteries and soda solution - blue (denim) color
  • 3 batteries and a solution of white vinegar - a bronze color.
  • Connect the rings to the positive "+" wire (see picture). Connect a coil of wire to the negative "-" wire.

Step 2

In a plastic container, fill with warm water, fill with soda (electrolyte solution) and stir, we lower into the solution the "-" wire with a coil of wire. Then we take the "+" and drop only the rings into the solution, let's wait until the bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the rings (it will also be seen that the rings will begin to change color). Remove the rings from the solution and allow to dry.

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