Anti-aging skin packs

������Cold pack
The main advantage of a cold compress is to improve blood circulation and narrow pores on the skin. For the preparation of cosmetics, it is necessary to mix in one container mineral water, green tea and an infusion of several types of herbs in equal proportions. The liquid should not be warm. You can choose any herbs - for example, chamomile, calendula, and St. John's wort. The gauze folded several times is dipped in the prepared tincture, squeezed and placed on the face. The duration of the procedure should be no more than 20 minutes.
Oil compresses
The main function of oil compresses is skin smoothness and energy. In addition, these masks are able to significantly tighten the loose skin of the neck and decollete. For the manufacture of a compress, you can use any oil - olive, rapeseed, flaxseed and even vegetable. Pre-oil is heated on a fire or a water bath, and then moisten gauze in it. Compress impose on the face, and on top of the gauze must put a dry towel or napkin.After 15 minutes, the remaining oil is washed off with warm water.
Warming compress
In addition to improving blood circulation and cleaning the skin from pollution, it is possible to attribute the pain relieving property to the advantages of warming compresses. For example, if you have a headache, then such a cosmetic product will simultaneously cope with two tasks - relieve pain and rejuvenate your skin. Prepare such a compress is very simple. From gauze form small bags and fill them with tea. Dip the blanks in boiling water and wait until the tea leaves swell. The bags are placed on the face and covered with a dry towel. It is necessary to make such a compress with warm tea, after cooling the agent is removed from the skin.

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