Arrangement of furniture in studio apartment

Studio apartments today are quite popular around the world. First of all, this popularity can be explained by low cost. This phenomenon reached our country relatively long ago, to be exact, about two decades ago. At first, not everyone could understand how to rationally and correctly use a compact space. But over time, it became clear and accessible that with the right approach, such housing can be arranged for quite comfortable living of the whole family. The main difference of this type of apartments from others is the almost complete absence of supporting walls and the unification of the space of all residential areas with the kitchen.

Which furniture is best for a studio apartment?

Picking up furniture for a small apartment is a rather difficult task. This is due to the fact that in a single (but large) room it is necessary to assemble furniture for the living room, bedroom, nursery. Massive pieces of furniture in this case are not suitable for a studio apartment, because space is as limited as possible.They must be abandoned immediately, as well as from any large screens and classic partitions that steal space and visually "weight" the room.

Sofa bed is an indispensable option for small-sized apartments. Today, the proposedfurniture of Pinskdrev factoryhas a wide range, so everyone can choose a sofa for every taste, any color or texture.

Folding items of furniture, mobile racks, as well as built-in storage systems with compartment doors can be a great solution. The use of such options will make it possible to save space in the apartment and relieve the residential area.

If you choose additional attributes for the interior, then here your opinion should be stopped on modern and maximally compact objects that are made of glass and metal. Such objects are able to visually expand the boundaries of the available space. Do not be afraid to experiment. For example, a glass table with an intricate shape for storing things and books will look much more interesting.

All sorts of mirror canvases will help visually add a small room to the volume.The mirror in the studio apartment is best to hang on the wall opposite the window. This option will help to increase the natural illumination of the room almost 2 times.

Arrangement of furniture in studio apartment

Arrangement of furniture in the studio apartment can be called the most real art. As a rule, pieces of furniture are arranged so that they fulfill the peculiar role of certain partitions, dividing the whole space into several functional zones. A bar counter will help you determine where the living room starts and ends. The sleeping area can be enclosed by glass surfaces, a sofa or a closet.

The most important thing is to properly use the space provided and select the furniture.

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