Art Deco Mirror

You can decorate the interior in the now fashionable and non-trivial art-deco style yourself, without having to buy expensive designer decor items. Exceptionally emphasize this luxurious mirror style.
Art Deco Deco Mirror
Art Deco is characterized by clear lines and the active use of 3 colors: gold, white and black. To design a mirror in this style, you will need: • The very mirror of a rectangular or square shape without a frame • White or light beige paper masking tape • A golden tape from lurex • PVA glue • Black-and-white silk fabric flap • Black nail polish Mirror wipe to keep it clean.
wipe the mirror
Strips of masking tape glue in such a way that the edge of the scotch tape falls clearly on the edge of the mirrors .
 glue strips of masking tape
First glue the strips on the short sides,then to long ones.  glue on 4 sides
Superfine trim with a blade or a paint knife. The mirror will turn out in such a white frame.
 A mirror in a white frame will be obtained
Next, take the PVA glue, a brush and a ribbon.
brush and tape
Cut the tape to size on each side and spread it with glue, then glue it to the middle of the frame. Remove excess glue with a cotton swab.
 glue to the middle of the frame
Now you need to cut out the silk or satin fabric flap and, paste on the corner of the mirror.
 flap of silk or satin fabric
Show fantasy, paste a few more fragments. Work neatly so that the glue is not smeared on the mirror.  Show Fantasy Finish drawing with black lacquer streaks around the application.
 black lacquer strokes
Art Deco Mirror is ready.
Art Deco Deco Mirror
You can do it yourself in just half an hour, and this interior element looks amazingly beautiful.

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