Ash highlights

Girls - natures changeable, striving for permanent transformation. And for good reason, because natural data is not always fully able to emphasize the individuality and attractiveness of the individual. It is good that modern technologies allow endlessly experimenting with their own appearance. This is especially true of the hair, as an attractive young lady can not be imagined without a luxurious, well-groomed hair. The color of the curls plays an important role in the creation of the image: a properly selected shade is able to focus attention on the merits of the face and image as a whole.

One of the most popular and gentle methods for dyeing hair is ash bleaching. For many years this shade has been at the top of the rankings in the french industry, as it personifies tenderness, nobility and aristocracy. Thanks to the silver curls, any girl will feel impregnable, but at the same time elegant and confident.

This kind of coloring is a great way to give your hair freshness and novelty without drastic changes.

Who is suitable for Ash marking?

Many stylists believe that the ash color is very "capricious" and should be used with caution. Otherwise, instead of an expressive and attractive image, you can add the young lady several years and emphasize the shortcomings of appearance. Therefore, if there is a desire to change the shade of hair, it is better to contact an experienced hairdresser and find out who is suitable for ashy:

  • This shade looks attractive on young ladies, giving them charm, and on mature women, well hiding gray hair. It should be borne in mind that ashen is a cold color, more suitable for girls with blond hair, olive or bluish skin and eyes of gray, blue, swamp hue.
  • Young ladies of warm type, who by nature have dark hair with chestnut sheen and dark skin, are not recommended to use ashy colors, as they will aggravate the redness even more.

Ash highlights

  • This coloring gives the hairstyle volume - this is a suitable option for girls with thin, not very thick hair. It is the stitch, cascade or curls that help to distinguish individual strands.
  • For individuals over the age of 30, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the choice of shade, otherwise there is a chance to look much more mature.

It is not recommended to use a burning gray color, it is better to stop on silver, platinum and smoky-brown tones. It should be borne in mind that if the hair has been previously stained, then melioration will result in an unnatural shade. To fix this, you will need to remove the pigment and re-perform the staining procedure.

Based on the intensity of the color, ashen happens:

  • light - light undertone, suitable for girls of the “summer” color type;
  • medium to topical, popular with Hollywood stars;
  • dark, he looks good on ladies with a cold, dark-brown color of hair.

Golden hair color such highlights can give a greenish tint

Ashy highlights on blonde hair

It is better to make ashy highlights on blond hair of cool shades - this gives a general tone of depth and makes the image expressive and harmonious. However, those whom nature has awarded the light-brown neutral-color hair should be resorted to with caution.To select the right tone, it is more appropriate to use the services of colorists who will accurately determine the color-type of the person and choose the optimal shades of ash. So with the help of a professional, even plain and dull hair will become shining and showy.

The final color of the strands is curled from the way the hairdresser used to work. In some cases, it is not purely ashen that is used to dye curls, but its mixture with other tones. After all, for every lady you need to choose exactly the color that will go to her most.

For light brown hair of a warm shade, it is better to shade them in cold shades before highlighting.

Ashy highlights on dark hair

Ash highlights on dark hair can look stylish and original, if you pre-lighten certain strands. Often, girls use this method to get rid of the extra “heavy” blackness without drastically changing the image. However, do not forget that even a few ringlets of a silvery tint are able to completely transform the appearance both for the better and for the worse.

Some girls prefer to use not gray colors, but gray ones. In these cases, it is necessary to take into account that such melioration makes the image sharper and more strongly emphasizes dark strands. Masters are advised to use pure silvery shades for coloring without mixing, since they give the image sophistication and individuality.

Ash marking "does not like" contrast, sharp lines and asymmetrical hairstyles

Techniques used for ash bleaching

The result obtained depends on the technique used for ash highlighting. There are many options for staining using additional shades and scrap materials. The most harmonious look fine tinted strands: they advantageously shade the main color, hide gray hair and give the image a luxurious look. Because of the wide ashy curls, the original color of the hair can be lost and the hair of the head will no longer look so spectacular.

Do not forget about the contrast of staining. Since silver and platinum tones are considered cold, it is better to create smooth transitions of shades, without sharp, clear lines.If the hair is dark, then similar colors are selected for highlighting, only in this case you get a “expensive” and stylish look.

Ash highlights

This type of coloring does not suit girls with red hair and red skin tone.

Recommendations for homemade ashy highlights

Of course, for staining is better to contact an experienced master. However, if you want to make ashy highlights at home, you can not do without useful recommendations:

  • So that the procedure is successful and less damaged the hair, it is necessary to prepare a hair in advance, using nourishing masks and compresses.
  • It is better to give preference to professional dyes.
  • Before highlighting strands of any shade is required to lighten. For dark hair, first wash and then bleach.
  • In order to determine whether you like the result of dyeing, it is better to conduct testing on a separate site or on bangs.
  • If, after highlighting, the curls have acquired a green reflux, then a tinting shampoo with a violet pigment will help to correct the situation.

Do not neglect the care procedures. Even after carrying out salon melirovanie this will help save the result and longer improve the condition of the hair. Let a thorough and thoughtful approach to the transformation of one's own appearance make it possible to become even more elegant, more effective and feminine.

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