Atherosclerosis: causes, symptoms, prevention

In atherosclerosis, the vessels gradually lose their elasticity, which subsequently makes them fragile. Fats that settle on the walls gradually form cholesterol plaques, leading to vascular stenosis. Subsequently, this leads to ischemic lesions in the organs.

Atherosclerosis is a fairly dangerous disease that can be fatal. It can be recognized in the event of a lesion of one of the organs, for example, in case of problems with the blood supply to the heart, brain or limbs.

Causes of Atherosclerosis

  • High blood pressure;

  • Smoking;

  • High cholesterol;

  • Improper nutrition;

  • Diabetes.

There are also risk factors that can lead to the development of atherosclerosis. These include:

  • Floor. It has been proven that men suffer the disease more often. This is due to their lifestyle. Women are still more attentive to their health.

  • Age.With age, the risk of disease increases due to aging of the vascular wall.

  • Heredity.

  • Bad habits.

  • Excess weight.

  • Food.

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis

  • Cold extremities that take on a bluish white color;

  • Memory loss;

  • Heart problems;

  • Poor concentration of attention;

  • Circulatory disorders;

  • Irritability;

  • With the defeat of the vessels of the lower extremities, pain is noted when walking and pain in the calves, trophic ulcers may appear;

  • With the defeat of the blood vessels of the kidneys arterial hypertension develops.

Atherosclerosis Prevention

In the diet should be foods containing less salt and fat. You need to eat vegetables, cereals, fruits, yoghurts, berries.

The maintenance of body weight at the same level is required. We need frequent walks - do not sit at home in front of the TV. Take a physical activity.

Do not self-medicate. At the first sign of disease, consult a doctor.

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