Autumn crafts to school

Making such autumn crafts in the school, we will make a certain variety in the educational process and develop interest in children for classes.

So, proceed.

Autumn crafts for school

Autumn crafts for school

In order to make such autumn crafts for the school with your own hands, you need:

  • ice cream sticks or wooden disposable spatulas;
  • wooden clothespins;
  • clear varnish;
  • cardboard;
  • paints and brush
  • felt pens.

On wooden sticks, we draw apples with felt-tip pens - from one to ten to twenty, depending on how many dozens are already mastered by children.

You can pre-cut apples from colored paper and stick them. To make a drawing or appliqué more resistant, we cover it with a top coat of transparent varnish.

Now we paint the clothespins in different colors. You can do without it, but bright objects will attract more attention from children, contributing to the development of interest in the lesson.

Then on each clothespin we set the number from 0 to 9.We make such a number of clothespins, which will allow to mark all the apples drawn on wooden sticks.

 Mathematical craft from disposable sticks

Mathematical craft from disposable chopsticks

The manual for the first phase of classes with us is ready. We offer kids to attach clothespins to chopsticks, focusing on the number of apples and written numbers. Where necessary, attach two clothespins instead of one.

 The number of apples and the number on the clothespin

The number of apples and the number on clothespin

Denote six apples

We denote six apples

 We match the number and the number of

Compare number and quantity

Another variant of the autumn crafts on the school theme is the school board from the usual photo frame. We take the usual wooden picture frame. If the photo frame is not, then you can cut the base of thick cardboard. On the back of the frame we glue black cardboard.We cut out the attributes of autumn from colored paper - an oak leaf and an apple.

 add to school1 (2)

Glue the leaf and the apple on the board.

 in school2 (2)

To complicate the task we will help zalamirovanye or covered with adhesive film leaves with the image of numbers. To work with this manual, we use clay and a washable marker.

First, we roll the number of "apples" from the piece of clay that is shown in the figure. We attach these "apples" to our apple. Thus, the child compares the drawing and the real volumetric object - plasticine “apple”.

 Attaching one apple

Attaching one apple

Then We offer the kid to sketch in the plate as many cells as there are apples in the picture and on our apple tree. This is quite a difficult task that requires the ability to think in the abstract. If it will be difficult for the child to do it, for the beginning we will offer to transfer the plasticine “apples” from the apple tree to the cells of the table. And then smoothly transitions to painting them.

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