Baby cakes for order

Cake for a girl in the form of minion

Each person has a particularly memorable holiday from childhood. And now, being parents, I want to give the same joy to my children, so that they have something to remember. This holiday can be not only a birthday, perhaps it is the New Year or April 1, and the most interesting is if you invent your own family holiday. And what celebration can there be without a cake? This article tells you how to choose a cake for a children's party.

The cake is the central dish of the evening for the child. It should be very tasty and very beautiful. You can cook it yourself, but not always there is time to prepare complex pastries, and the dessert does not have the desired effect in haste. Therefore, a great way to surprise your child is to order a cake from professional pastry chefs.

To make an order, you need to decide on the filling and design. Remember the favorite sweets of your son or daughter. Preference is given to biscuit cakes, because they are light and soft.As a filling, it is better to use natural creams - sour cream, yoghurt or cottage cheese. To them you can add any berries and fruits to your taste. Avoid oil cream - it is not very tasty and at the same time very heavy and fat, even for an adult stomach. Again, it is worth avoiding very sweet chocolate mousses and alcoholic impregnations. The cake should be light, delicate and natural. Be careful of colored cake layers if there are people with allergies in the family.

Custom-made cake for a boy

Having dealt with the filling, go to the design of a sweet gift. The most popular form of decoration today is the use of sugar mastic. It is a plastic mass, consisting mainly of powdered sugar. Various figures and ornaments are made of it. Remember what your child is interested in now. Girls can use a cake in the shape of a doll, and a great kids cake for boys is a machine or a tank. Do not be afraid of using bright colors, because dyes now produce from natural products, but do not make the whole cake bright, it is better to paint details.If you manage to guess the interests and desires of the child, you will receive an unforgettable joy from the smile of your beloved son, il. daughters. Good examples of ready-made cakes can be viewed on the confectionery site in Krasnodar -

Celebrating family holidays with a child is very important, because these days will remain in memory for many years. Do not spare the forces to prepare for such days, we wish you good luck in organizing a children's holiday!

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