Basic rules when choosing furniture for a nursery

Today there is a fairly large selection of all kinds of furniture, including children's. Therefore, it is difficult to make a choice, as well as decide on the design of the future room of the baby. This article will give a few tips on how to choose the right nursery, and which furniture options are most relevant.

It is worth noting that important considerations when choosing furniture for a children's room are:

  • child's age;
  • baby sex;
  • room size.

Special attention should be paid to the interests of the child. Since almost all children spend most of their personal time in their room, they should feel comfortable in it. Also in the room for children, the furniture must be absolutely safe, stable and not have sharp corners, so that during the game the baby can not injure himself. In doing so, it must be made of high-quality, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic materials.The height of the desk should not be higher than the elbow of the child when he is standing, and the tabletop should have a rectangular shape and a small slope. This requirement is necessary, first of all, so that the baby does not develop scoliosis, as well as for convenience. The chair on which the child will sit at the table should have a high back and a special footrest.

Variety of children's furniture

Children's furniture is divided into three main types, it is:

  • play furniture;
  • cabinet;
  • soft.

Play furniture is necessary for the child for full growth and development, and place it mainly in the game rooms. Or create a play corner in the children's bedroom.

The most secure is upholstered furniture. Since the main material from which it is made is foam rubber. That is why many parents prefer to get their children as a bed cozy sofa, made in the original design.

Currently, transformer furniture is considered to be the most popular, since due to its design it is possible to save space in the room (which is important for small apartments) and money, because transforming furniture can adapt to the growth and development of a child.There are quite a few variations of this furniture, for example during the day you can push the bed into the closet, and if necessary, return it to its place. This furniture includes folding cabinets and a shelf, as well as folding bunk beds

The furniture for children is also in demand, as it differs not only by its practicality, but also by its durability. The advantage of this type of furniture is that as the child grows up, it can be easily replaced without disturbing the basic design of the room. For example, replace the small bed with an adult, bedside table on the original coffee table, and leave the wardrobe and chest of drawers indispensable. It is worth noting that the furniture for the nursery can be purchased either in the finished version or ordered on an individual project, which will allow you to think more carefully about the design of the room and create comfortable and cozy zones for your child not only for recreation, but also for learning and games.

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