Basket for children's toys

When there are small children in the house, all the rooms turn into a warehouse of a wide variety of toys. There are so many of them that there is not enough space to store them. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically touch toys, throw out broken, give, give to kindergartens, polyclinics. And what is left to put in boxes or baskets for toys. In order not to spend money on a basket, you can sew it yourself. For making such a basket you need things that every hostess has: - A centimeter or a pancake ruler for cutting - Fabric, preferably dense and not bright colors - Pins and scissors - Needle and thread. And if there is a sewing machine, then it is generally wonderful. - Iron and ironing board - For a template, any large object is round in shape. It can be a lid from a large pan, or a plate. Cutting fabric and making a basket. 1) Place the fabric on the table on the wrong side. 2) Put a pattern on it. 3) Circle patterncircle the dotted line. 4) Cut the circle and measure its circumference.
 Basket for children's toys
5) The length of the fabric for the walls of the basket should correspond to the length of the cut circle ( bottom). Do not forget about the seams, so add another five centimeters. 6) The width of the fabric depends on your desire. If you want a high basket, make the width larger, if low, then the width is smaller. 7) Leave the allowance for the hem. The wider it is, the more times it will be possible to tuck the fabric, which means that the basket will be harder.
 Basket for children's toys
8) From the inside out, fold the fabric in half and make pins . Attach to the bottom. Everything should fit together. If everything is good, sew the fabric for the walls at the pinning point.
 Basket for children's toys
9) Now fasten the bottom to the walls with pins. Stitch around the circle.
 Basket for children's toys
10) To make the basket tighter, you can sew another cover, and place it inside the basket,connect their edges and stitch.
 Basket for children's toys
11) Iron all seams and the basket itself with an iron, and it is ready for use.

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