Bath Stoves

The furnace is undoubtedly the heart of any bath. It depends on the indoor climate, the quality of maintaining the temperature, and hence the entire process of rest. Specialized stores offer different types of stoves for baths, the purpose of all is the same, but, nevertheless, they have significant differences. The most important of them depends on what type of sauna the stove is intended for.

So, stoves are: - for heating large areas (used in public baths); - for heating baths medium size (home bath, family); - for mini-saunas (they can be used in ordinary city apartments).

The first selection criterion is the area of ​​the room for which it will be used for heating. The second criterion on which will depend furnace capacity - the level of thermal insulation of the room where the bath is located. The third criterion, we recommend paying attention not only to the cost of the product, but also to fuel consumption, in some cases it is better to purchase an expensive model,which will require less maintenance and maintenance costs in the future. Naturally, you should not save on the stove, it should be of high-quality and do an excellent job. Remember - the miser pays twice! Kinds of stoves 1. Electric. They include a container that is heated by means of an electric heater. Controlled by remote control. They may have built-in steam generators and energy saving mode. 2. Wood-burning stoves for a bath, without grates. The most common form, evenly and gently warm up the room, have high efficiency, are among the most effective for heating large rooms. They create a natural and relaxing atmosphere thanks to the crackling and smell of wood logs in the stove. Many are fascinated by the magic of living fire, and for some, kindling is a real tradition, something resembling a kind of ritual, bringing genuine and sincere pleasure to lovers of a real Russian sauna. 3. Gas stoves. Their advantages are that they can work on gas supplied to the house and, whatever one may say, the cost of gas heating is much cheaper than electricity. Bath stoves 1.Long-term heating (the furnace constantly heats the bath). 2. Heat accumulation (the furnace accumulates heat, for example, stones). It does not matter what principle you choose, it’s better if the stove itself will stand in the corner of the bath in order to avoid thermal radiation harmful to humans. The most famous form of the furnace is the mine, when the working space is extended upwards. Such a furnace is located under a bath. Stones for a furnace Only special stones go into the furnace, others can be dangerous to human health due to the chemical composition. There are special requirements for such stones: - heat capacity should be high; - should not emit harmful substances; - the surface of stones should not have cracks, as they can crack during the heating process.Wash stones well before using them. Lay the larger stones first, then the smaller ones, so that the heating will be more uniform. The most important thing when using and choosing sauna stoves is its safety. Properly chosen stove will give you a pleasant and healthy stay.

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