Beach tunic

In the arsenal of almost any modern woman of fashion should be at least one beach tunic. But what to do if the tunics offered in stores do not suit you in color or do not like the material? Do not despair, in this master class we will show how you can easily and easily sew a tunic yourself. The whole process will take no more than 15 minutes, and the result will delight you more than one summer season. For making, I used a ready-made pareo, bought many years ago, and never once dressed. If you have some kind of pareo in your bins that you don’t wear for any reason, boldly reach for it. Today we will find worthy use for it. If you do not have an unnecessary or already annoying pareo on hand, you can purchase a piece of light and airy fabric that you like in the store. In this case, at the very beginning of work you will need to process all the edges on a typewriter. In our master class, this step is missing because the edges of the pareo have already been overclocked. The advantages of sewing tunics is that you do not need to spend a lot of time searching for tunics,suitable specifically for your swimsuit coloring. Just select the material you like and devote a little time and effort to the process. So, for work we need: 1. Unnecessary pareo or piece of tissue. 2. Threads in tone. 3. Scissors. 4. Pins. 5. Measuring tape. 6. The sewing machine 7. Summer mood and 15 minutes of free time.
 for work we need
The size of my pareo is 146x98cm. My size is M. I think that this tunic is suitable for girls with sizes from S to L. The first thing we need to do is fold the fabric with the edges already cut in half. As a result we receive a cloth 73x98cm. We cut the pins along the perimeter.
 We shave with pins
On a bend in the center we break with a pin the supposed neckline.
 estimated neckline
We fold again in half so that the canvas is 73x49cm.
 turned canvas
From the bend we will measure the neckline. From the left corner on the upper edge we measure 14cm. From the top edge down we measure 3 cm. We draw a smooth line. This is the neck line from the backrest side.  neck line on the back side
We do the same, but down we measure not 3 cm from the top edges, and 6 cm (or 3 cm from the line of the neck of the back). We draw a smooth line. This is the line of the front neckline.
 We draw a smooth line
Cut it out. Next on the front of us It is necessary to mark the line for the sleeves. To do this, fold the canvas as originally folded 73x98 cm. On the front of the measure from the right and left edge of 20cm. Draw a straight line length of 48cm in the direction of the top of the product. I just made the pins. These lines will need to build two even lines.  just crooked with pins I suggest a primitive pattern with the notation in centimeters.Sorry for the quality, the pattern is made in haste for clarity. The red dotted line denotes the cut lines. Blue dotted lines are lines of lines.
 Blue dotted line
We have to process the neck on a typewriter. Bend the cut, scribble.
 plots the line
Now we plot the line on the blue dotted line on the right and left side. Lay the lines on the front!
 Lay the lines
Press and go to the beach! Our air Beach tunic ready !
 Beach tunic

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