Beaded Snowflake

Beautiful and tender snowflakes - a great decoration for a New Year's costume or Christmas tree. Making them is not only easy, but also interesting. For work you will need: - beads; - thin fishing line or wire; - scissors.
It is worth noting that the younger the child, the larger the beads (or even the beads) should be used. The choice between a fishing line or wire depends solely on what the snowflake is for. If you use it to decorate the costume, it is better to use fishing line. In the case of creating decorations for the Christmas tree, we should take the wire as the basis, which will perfectly keep the shape of the snowflake suspended. So, let's get to work. Weaving will be done in rows, there will be five of them. First we tie a knot. 1st row. We put 12 beads on the line and close them into a circle, as shown in the photo.
 we string the beads on the line
2nd row. Now string on 3 beads and enter through one bead of the previous row,to get six triangles.
 Now we string 3 beads each
At the end we draw the line out through the first and second beads of the second row.3 row. We collect on the line 5 beads and enter into each vertex of the triangle of the previous row. It will turn into a flower.
 We collect on the line 5 beads
At the end we bring the line out through the first and second bead of the third row . 4th row. To weave this series, we will recruit 3 beads again and enter them alternately: either one or three beads of the previous row.
 we draw the line through the first bead
At the end we draw a fishing line through the first bead of the fourth row. 5 row. This is the last row, for which we need to collect 5 beads and enter the line into the third bead of the fourth row, the fourth and fifth bead of the third row, the top of the second row triangle, the sixth and seventh bead of the third row, the seventh bead of the fourth row.It is not difficult, see the photo.
 Beaded Snowflake
Next you should fix the line and the snowflake is ready!
 Snowflake made of beads with your own hands

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