Beaded tree

Interior design is an integral part of any room. If we are talking about a residential area, then the presence of things and objects that give warmth and home comfort is very important. The most common option for creating such items is needlework. To raise my mood, I decided to make a beaded tree. To create it, I needed the following materials:
- beads (blue and blue); - wire. The first step is to prepare the wire. To do this, cut off segments that are approximately 50 - 60 centimeters and bend them in half.
In order not to occupy too much space, it is better to immediately prepare many such pieces. Further, we divide all the cut wire into three approximately equal parts. The first part I will do two-color. To do this, we type 7 blue beads on one piece of wire.
 stringing beads
They should be exactly in the middle. Now twist the loop.
Then, at one of the ends, we string another 7 beads and twist the second loop.

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