Bed with bookshelf legs

A bed with legs from bookshelvesis a good option for small apartments (rooms) to save space and conveniently store things.

Materials and tools:

  1. three 2-tier bookshelves (shelves), you can buy at IKEA;
  2. saw;
  3. ruler, pencil;
  4. thick plywood or MDF sheet.

Step 1

Let's collect book racks and put them in the right place of the room at a distance from each other. For greater stability in the two extreme racks you can make a coupler diagonally.

We cut a sheet from sheets of plywood or MDF (sheets, depending on the size of the bed), remove dust from the sheet, and additionally it can be covered with a layer of varnish. We put the sheet (s) on the shelves, put the mattress on top.

A bed with bookshelf legsis ready.

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