Best Inverters Prestige

Inverters are welding machines, in which electricity changes its characteristics several times, due to which it is possible to achieve high efficiency, long continuous operation, and stable arc voltage. The decision on which inverter is best to buy should be made based on the characteristics and functions of the device.

Characteristicsinverters prestige

  • The sensitivity of the inverter depends on the sensitivity to the network voltage. The best Prestige inverters are equipped with protection against voltage surges, so they can operate from 165-270 V mains, without stopping or breaking down.
  • The no-load voltage indicates at what values ​​the welding machine can ignite and maintain the arc. It is believed that the larger this value, the better, although modern technologies make it easier to start at low values.
  • The power of the inverter is determined by the current that it can provide. Prestige has professional models with a capacity of more than 300 amps and household, for which 200-250 A is enough.
  • Duration of time of continuous work.

The best welding invertersPrestige

The welding Prestige 181S inverter with system of stabilization of welding current is considered one of the most reliable. It has a small weight (8.5 kg) and at the same time is capable of giving excellent seam quality in professional hands. For the non-professional, such functions as “Forcing the arc”, “Anti-sticking” and “Quick start” will be important.

The Profhelper Solution 315S welding inverter is designed to operate on 380 V mains. This is a powerful device designed for a current of 30 to 315 A, a no-load voltage of 67 V. Such a device weighs 25 kg, therefore it is more likely intended for professional use.

For work in garages, at dachas or small enterprises where voltage drops are possible, Profhelper DaVinci 145P will be the best inverter. Protection against unstable voltage and overheating also allows to work with gas and gas generators. Thanks to the semiconductor technology IGBT, the device efficiency is 98-99%.

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