Each girl is characterized by changes in image. After changing the hair color, you will have to pick up a bunch of accessories for the hair style again, as not all previous ones will work. However, you can add a new note in a less expensive way. Simply update the old product, such as the bezel, and the kanzashi needlework technique will help you with this. In order to transform my old bezel, it took me. Three colors of satin ribbons, 5 centimeters wide, a candle, superglue, scissors, beads of two colors, accessories for jewelry - rosette, thread and a needle for beads.
materials for the rim

First, you need to prepare the material, for this I cut tapes into squares of 5 centimeters.
 I cut tapes into small squares
To running time, no tape rained, their edges need to be melted on the fire.
 melt on fire
The next step I began to put the green segments into sharp kanzashi petals,To do this, we fold a square into an ordinary triangle.
 in an ordinary triangle
Then, the resulting triangle is bent in half.
 bend in half
Now we join together its two lower corners, and, having drawn such markings, we cut off everything below. cut the corners well melted over the candle and squeeze with your fingers so that the edges do not separate.
 connect together
 by drawing markup
 squeeze with your fingers

The bottom edge needs only to be seared, preventing shedding.
 only singe
There should be a neat hole on the finished petal.
neat hole
With this technology we make all the remaining petals of green ribbon - these are leaves. My project took 10 of these leaves. Now let's make flower petals. It is not much more difficult to do them, because the basis is the same sharp kanzashi petal.The main difference between the petals of a flower and its leaves is in the number of triangles.
 leaves is
I took 12 squares of pink and beige flowers. The meaning is the same, just before connecting the corners you need to put one triangle on another.
 squares of pink and beige
Now you can now form a petal by connecting the corners and opal edges, give it a finished look.
 by connecting corners
 form lep current
All important details are ready.  All the important details
The next step is to prepare the surface on which we will mount our flower. For this we need a piece of cardboard, a piece of tape and glue.
 tape cut and glue
Cut a strip of cardboard that will be slightly wider than the rim. Now carefully glue it over with the prepared tape and singe the extra edges. singing redundant edges Next, we fix the prepared base in the desired area of ​​the bezel.
 fix the prepared basis
Well, you can proceed to the main part of the process - to collect the flower. To do this, drop by glue at the edges of the petals and glue them like this.
 glue at the edges of the petals
To hide the scorched edges and unevennesses in in the center, we attach a rosette and bead to the center, matching the size, with a small bead and thread.  little bead and thread And stick the flower to our center blanks.
 glue the flower to the center
Next, we supplement our work with the remaining petals and leaves in the right order using the same gluing technology. (photo28) And decorate with beads, which we also put on superglue.
 complement our work
Work is finished. Kanzashi Bezel After a good drying, you can safely decorate any head with such a rim.
 Kanzashi Bezel

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