Swan Down Blankets - Gentle Care for Your Sleep

A soft and pleasant to the body blanket - one of the components of a comfortable and full sleep. Often when choosing bedding, most of us pay much attention to pillows and linen, completely forgetting about the blanket, believing that it is not visible under the duvet cover. This is not entirely true, because how comfortable this product will be, how warm it is at night and wraps up in its softness, depends not only on sleep, but also on the state of health, mood, which will have to start every new day.

Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of blankets of various sizes and densities. Also, the differences between these products are in the filler. It can be woolen, sinteponovye or down comforters. The most desirable and favorable for sleep are the last. They are distinguished by unrivaled softness, lightness and good performance. Especially, if we are talking about blankets with swan's down or its artificial substitute. Why is swan feather so popular?

First of all, because of its naturalness and ecological purity. Blankets with swan down can be used for allergic people and children. They are comfortable, lightweight, well absorb moisture, but resistant to foreign odors. By the way, the hygroscopicity of swan's down is, perhaps, the only drawback of such a filler. That is why it is not recommended for people with excessive sweating. Thanks to careful processing in several stages while the blankets are being made, the swan's down is necessarily cleaned. This is a guarantee that, even with time, harmful insects, mold and other microorganisms that are dangerous to human health will not get inside the product. Easy Care - Low Care

It is surprisingly easy to care for blankets with a swan filler. They can be washed not only manually, but also with the help of a typewriter. But only with gentle mode and a temperature of no more than 30 degrees. It is advisable not to use detergents that contain bleach (chlorine). Usually, duvets are usually dried on a horizontal surface, evenly leveling the filler inside. Iron products are not required, because it in itself very quickly restores the original shape.After prolonged use, the blanket should be ventilated (approximately every 3-4 months). This is best done in the summer in dry and not foggy weather in the open air. Thus, fiber balls (namely, such a filler structure) will not only dry out, but will also be saturated with clean fresh air, which will make the product more pleasant to the touch and softer.

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