Book - cache out of the juice box

What can be made from the juice boxes? Feeder, organizer, house and many other things. But I want to offer to make a book - a cache from a juice box. In this cache you can put various decorations, pleasant, memorable little things or hide some secret. Unusual? Then let's get started! To make a book-cache we need:
  • - a box of juice;
  • - scissors;
  • - brown acrylic paint;
  • - acrylic lacquer;
  • - brush;
  • - white sheets of paper (approximately 2 - 3 pieces);
  • - ruler;
  • - self-adhesive paper (yellow);
  • - cutter;
  • - thick cardboard;
  • - pencil.
Step 1. Take a small a box of juice. Using a pencil and a ruler on the box, mark the size of the window being cut out. Cutting out, but not completely, should make a lid that can be opened and closed.
Book a cache out of the juice box
Step 2. Now take a thick cardboard and circle the box,on both sides + leave allowances for gluing 1 cm on each side.
Book a cache out of the juice box
Step 3. Draw a rectangle 10.5 cm long and 5.5 cm wide - this will be the back of the book.
Book a cache from the juice box
Step 4. Cut out. Let's put them aside for the time being, we will need them a little later.
Book cache out of the box from the juice
Step 5. Make the page. To do this, take a white sheet of paper. Let us measure the juice box in length (the length of this box is about 8 cm + 5 mm more - these will allow for gluing), draw a straight line down to the end of the sheet and cut it. There should be about 5 such strips.
Book a cache out of the juice box
Step 6. Next, measure the width of the box (it turns out about 6 cm, but also add allowances of + 3 mm). Also, we cut out the strips of them about 5 times too. Cut it out.
Book a cache out of the juice box
The book is a cache from the box of juice
Step 7.All the resulting strips bend accordion. The smaller the harmonica, the more realistic the pages will look.
Book cache out of the juice box Step 8. Now we will deal with the interior decoration of the book - the cache. We paste the entire inner part with yellow self-adhesive paper. If desired, the paper color can be changed, for example, pink or green. If there is no self-adhesive paper, then you can replace it with plain colored paper. Book cache out of the juice box Step 9. Make the so-called back of the book. Looking at the spine, everyone will know the name of the book and who wrote it. To do this, take a previously prepared rectangle, which we previously cut out (length 10.5 cm and width 5.5 cm). We glue to our future book with a glue gun. The spine should be slightly curved and convex, for realism.The book is a cache from the box of juice Step 10. Next, we'll make the cover of the book. To do this, also take the 2 rectangles that we cut in advance.We glue them to the box. Book a cache out of the juice box Step 11. Paint our book with brown acrylic paint. We are waiting for it to dry up.
Book a cache out of the box from the juice
Step 12. Now let's turn to the pages. Take strips, curved accordion. The juice box must be spread with a glue gun. In the absence of a glue gun, you can use glue moment. The strips that are wider are glued in the length of the book, and the narrower ones are glued in width. Try to stick the layers behind each other as closely as possible to each other. If the strips are not enough, in addition, you can still draw, bend with an accordion and use. Let me remind you that the dimensions for strips are 8.5 cm long and 6.3 cm wide.
The book is a cache from the box of juice
The book is a cache of juice boxes Step 13. It remains to print the name of your favorite book and its spine. In this case, I took FM Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment”, for example, or L.N. Tolstoy “War and Peace” or even you can make E. Uspensky’s children's book “Three from Prostokvashino”.There are many options, fantasize!
Book cache out of the juice box
Step 14. With the help of glue the moment we paste the name of the book. Fix everything with acrylic varnish, if desired, can be coated in 2 layers. (Photo 17) Done!
Book a cache out of the juice box
Book cache from the box of juice
It looks like the book can not be distinguished from this. Such a book - a cache will be a great gift. It can also be made from a shoe box, it will be a giant book - dictionary, or it can be made absolutely tiny from a matchbox. Imagine and you will succeed! I will be glad to your comments!

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