The book is a cache

Step 1.Choose a book, preferably a thick one with a strong hard cover and good binding.
Step 2.Choose as many first pages as you need and wrap them with plastic food film on the cover so they will not be spoiled with glue. These, with the exception of the last of these pages, will not be cut. This will allow the book to look like a regular book when it is opened and with its unglued pages will cover the cut out hole for the cache.The page closest to the cut-out cache will later be glued together (in the last step).
Step 3. Mix some clear glue and water. Let the glue turn out to be liquid enough to be absorbed by the pages of the book. Ratio approximately 30% to 70% glue.
Step 4.Attach all the pages together that you selected from the first in step 2 earlier and brush the glue on their edges so that it is absorbed. This will cement them. Wash your brush, otherwise it dries and becomes useless!
Step 5. Let the book dry for fifteen to thirty minutes. Place something between the pages and the cover so that they do not touch each other or stick together. Place something heavy on top of the cover to apply pressure.
Step 6.Open the book on the first page that was glued together. Measure 1.2 cm from the edge, on all four sides, and draw pencil lines.
Step 7.Cut the edges along the inside. drawn line with a knife. Try to make the “cut” as vertical as possible, or else the cut hole will taper to the bottom. Use a ruler, as shown in the image, it can help.Click on the knife to cut several pages at a time.
Continue cutting the layers. Do not be in a hurry, because the slower and more thoroughly you do it, the smoother and more direct the inner edges will be. &Nbsp;
Step8.Applygluetotheinneredgesoftheholewithabrushandletitsinkin.&Nbsp;Thegluewilldryandinthemeantimeapplyasecondlayerofgluetotheouteredgesofthepages.divstyle="text-align:center;">Finish! Make sure the book is completely dry. Fill it with your belongings, close the book, and place it on the bookshelf.

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