Napkin Bow

Many prefer to give gifts made with their own hands. It is often not a question of packing such a present. After all, it can also be done independently. For example, to wrap a gift in a beautiful paper, and decorate the top with a bow made from a paper napkin. Its creation does not take much time if you follow step-by-step photos of our master class.
Bow from napkin
To create a bow, prepare:
  • - paper napkin;
  • - scissors;
  • - wooden skewers;
  • - stapler.
Bow from the napkin
First, the napkin needs to be cut into 4 equal parts, focusing on the fold line. As a result, we got square billets. But we need rectangles, so we cut off a small strip (approximately 2.5 cm) from one edge.
Bow from the napkin
Take a single layer of napkin and start with a wide edge to wind it on a wooden skewer. Bow from napkin
You only need to twist up to the middle.
Bow from the napkin
From the opposite edge we make a similar twisting of the napkin.
Bow from the napkin
Now we pinch our fingers from the edges and move the twisted napkin to the center.
Knit from a napkin
We remove the resulting blank from wooden skewers. Bow from napkin By the same principle, it is required to make blanks from the remaining three layers of napkin. After that, proceed to the formation of the bow. To do this, slightly unwind one workpiece.

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