A branch and textile art object

Everyone knows the purpose of art objects - they make the interior alive, give it originality, and home - comfort. A master class on making a "good wood" will give an idea of ​​how to decorate a house in accordance with the romantic style. You will need:
 You will need
• Tree branches • A flowerpot or any suitable flower pot • Glue gun • • A can of white paint • • Scissors • • A stationery knife• Shreds of fabrics of different textures • • Threads • Needle • • Pins • Sintepon or any other filler • Fours itura (ribbons, ruffles, beads, beads, rhinestones, buttons, etc.) • Fantasy, patience, ever-creating hands and a good mood. Work flow: The first thing to do is to manufacture the main part of the art object, which itself will represent a decorative stylized tree in a pot. 1. It is necessary to acquire and prepare the necessary basic material - pots and branches.The number and branching of branches is determined depending on the size of pots and ideas. Cut off unnecessary and inconsistent branches with a clerical knife; 2. Now you can start staining the branches in white, using an aerosol can with paint or acrylic paint. If you use a balloon, you will have to apply the tone in several layers with an interval of 10-15 minutes. But the process of coating is quick and convenient. Unlike the use of acrylic paint, the branches do not have to be constantly rotated, and the brush work longer;
 branch coloring
3. Dried branches placed in pots, taking into account the composition. Here you can play around enough, building a wide variety of composite forms, giving the product "fluffy" and dynamics, or vice versa conciseness, one-way direction and statics; 4. To fix the branches in places of contact with pots and, if possible, with each other. This will allow the art object to be in an unchanged perfect state and to be comfortable in moving it or caring for it; Next, it is the turn to decorate the “tree” of various kinds with elements.In this case, these are hearts. 1. Details of the heart are cut out of the fabric. You can use a stencil or pattern. To grind parts together not completely, leaving a filling hole; 2. Turn the heart out on the front side and fill it with padding polyester;
 fill with padding polyester
3. Open edge sewn up with a “secret seam”. Do the same manipulations with the rest of the hearts; 4. Now you can sew the hearts around the edge with braid or ruffles, sew a ribbon-pendant. Ribbon bows need to be fixed on both sides. This condition is necessary, so you can admire the crafts from any angle;
 sew a ribbon on a pendant
sew a suspension belt
5. When all hearts are ready, you need to distribute them on the branches, taking into account the compositional balance and harmony. Then fix with glue in the place of attachment. Also, do not forget that the art object should look equally aesthetic on each side.
 from branches and textiles
If you wish, you can fall asleep in a pot the groundand put on top pieces of ordinary moss.

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