Permanent Makeup Bridesmaid

Gentle, charming, refined, fantastically beautiful - only such a compliment does the bride want to hear to herself on the best day of her life. In order to achieve such an image, you need to work well on your appearance. If earlier you could put on thin layers of magnificent Spanish lace, smart shoes, make a neat hairstyle and a discreet manicure, then today the bride needs to visit a number of specialists to remind a charming angel on the wedding day. Modern cosmetology has simplified the process of transformation, making it more efficient. A person who has taken permanent makeup courses comes to the rescue. What is this procedure and how can it be useful?

Why precisely permanent makeup, and not the usual?

On the wedding day, everything should be perfect. I don’t want the lipstick to be wiped off after the first kiss with a loved one (you will have to kiss a lot), and the mascara started from tears or intense heat (you can persuade yourself that there’s no place for a wedding at tears, but on this day there will be so many touching moments that at least once, and shed a tear of happiness).To make-up all day remained as if just applied and is the main task of the tattoo.

In addition, it is by no means a substitute for traditional makeup products. It only emphasizes the main advantages, hiding natural flaws. The harmonious use of both of them will become a guarantee of enchanting beauty that will be remembered by the groom and guests for a long time!

Where and when to apply it?

The procedure is carried out in a beauty salon, a master trained in manual tattoo techniques. The recovery period after the session is 3-4 weeks, during which the crusts that have arisen should heal and disappear on their own. After, it is necessary to undergo a correction, during which they will correct minor errors: they will add brightness to the shade, finally align the lines, etc. Therefore, the procedure should be carried out 1.5 months before the celebration.

How is the tattoo of eyes, eyebrows and lips done?

At first, the client explains his vision of the image to the master, then, based on his personal experience and the girl’s wishes, he draws a preliminary sketch with a pencil. After its coordination, local anesthesia is carried out, and then the injection of a dye needle begins.The duration of the session, depending on the experience of the professional and the chosen technology, is about 30-120 minutes.

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