Brooch with Ukrainian symbolism with your own hands

More recently, a flower has been added to Ukrainian symbolism, which is now the symbol of Ukraine, the poppy. Therefore, all holidays are now associated with this flower, which is an ornament on different objects. These are bench hammers, embroidered shirts, wreaths, hoops, hairpins, rubber bands, brooches. So, for example, if you go to certain holidays in crowded places, then you will surely meet almost every person who has some thing or object on which there is a poppy. Also, to respect the symbolism of the country, children from kindergarten and school are also taught; therefore, on certain holidays, you can also see beautiful ornaments in your hair with a poppy or embroidered shirt, or a brooch on your chest. Often there is even a stir before the holidays to buy something with a poppy, so in such cases there is a rather practical way out of this situation to make, for example, a brooch with Ukrainian symbols with your own hands.As a matter of fact, we will deal with this right now.

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