Building a block house: a modern solution

At all times in the construction of low-cost housing was claimed. Now there are many technologies for implementing such a project. And one of the available options - the construction of the blocks. Such structures are environmentally friendly, reliable and safe. In winter, you will feel absolutely comfortable in them, but in the summer you will feel a pleasant coolness. On average, the total savings on the construction of such structures is about 40% compared to brick or wood. So the value of the house from the blocks will appeal to everyone without exception.

house of the blocks

Which blocks can I use

Block houses never rot and do not light up. They are made from different materials, each of which has its weighty advantages.

  • Aerated concrete blocks. This option is popular due to its low weight. In addition, it is very durable and reliable. Typically, these blocks are used in the construction of large houses, designed for several floors.They guarantee almost 100 years of comfortable living, and this is quite enough for an ordinary family. In addition, the material is environmentally friendly and "breathes."

  • Foam concrete blocks. This ecological material is durable, safe and vapor permeable. You can create a special microclimate in any room. This material is in demand in Europe, where quality is especially appreciated, and building a house of blocks is relevant in all weather conditions.

  • Ceramsite. Approximately 80% of the total volume of blocks is claydite. Their strength is slightly lower than that of analogues, because they have a porous structure. In addition, the material is completely sterile and harmless.

  • Ceramic blocks. They are produced by a special technology, which is considered proven over the years. Such material can be used both for load-bearing walls, and for partitions in a regular apartment, in the office. These products are easy to install, have very good insulation and sound insulation performance. The whole construction of the walls will be durable and reliable.

  • Sand cement. This variant resembles ordinary concrete in terms of thermal conductivity.Usually they are used to erect garages or other outbuildings. In this case it is necessary to warm the walls, as sand cement does not keep heat too well. But on the other hand, it will serve for many decades, fulfilling its functions without complaints.

It is important to consider that almost all types of blocks require additional cladding. However, this is a plus at the same time, because you can create an interior inside the building of your choice. In general, the construction of such houses can be called easy-to-use, affordable anywhere in our country. You can hire several maintenance workers and try to erect the structure on your own or turn to professionals who will provide the material and quickly build any building.

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