Bunny with a bow

If you have a soft white fabric at home, sew a cute little bunny out of it.
 Bunny with a bow
For making toys you need to prepare: - fabric white, for example, fleece or faux fur; - pink print fabric with a pattern; - sintepon; - small black beads for the eyes; - white, pink and black threads;
- yellow satin ribbon; - needle; - scissors.
 You need to make a toy
The order of work on a soft toy. 1. Redraw on the paper pattern toys. You can attach a sheet of not very thick paper to the monitor screen and circle the details with a simple pencil. We should get the details of the oval head, elongated ear and torso with legs.
 Redraw the toy pattern on paper
2. We will cut out from the white fabric two identical parts of the body with the legs, adding allowances for the seams.
 Cut from white fabric
3.Now let's translate the bunny head pattern on white fabric, circle it in pencil and cut out two identical oval-shaped head details, adding seam allowances.
 on a white fabric pattern
4. For the ears, we need four parts. Two identical parts of the ear (with allowances for seams) are cut from white fleece fabric, and two from pink calico fabric.
 cut from white fleece fabric
5. Let's start to sew our bunny. First, we will sew the torso with the paws - for this we attach the details one to another face and sew around the edge. In the upper part of the body, where the neck should be, let us leave a small, non-sewn area.
 Let's start stitching our bunny
6. The next step is stitching the head. We also fold the head parts with the front sides and sew. In the neck, too, leave a small unwired section.
 head stitching
7. It remains to sew the ears. Each eyelet we sew of white and pink fabric, folded parts face up.Let's cut the ears so that there is a hole in the bottom part.
 It remains to sew the ears
8. Now you need to turn out all the details. First, we turn out the torso with legs and properly straighten it.
 turn out all the details
9. After that, we turn out the detail of the bunny's head and also straighten it.
 turn out all the details
10. It remains to unscrew both ears, helping yourself with a pencil or a thin stick.  unscrew both ears
11. The next stage is stuffing toys. First of all, we'll fill the body with a synthepon. Stuff the toy should be uniform.
 stuffing toys
12. After that, we will tightly fill our heads.
 stuffing toys
13. We will sew up on the head and trunk the non-sewn areas. White thread sew head to the body. At each ear, too, we will sew up the holes and sew the ears to the head.
 sew the head
14. Our bunny is almost ready.With a simple pencil we will draw dots on the face and mark the nose. We will sew black eyes with black beads in the places marked with a pencil. Near each eye, we sew cilia with black threads. You will embroider a pink triangle in the form of a small triangle along prearranged lines.
 draw eyes and spout on the face
15 . Take a yellow ribbon 37 cm long and tie our bunny a bow from this ribbon.
 Take a yellow ribbon
Our toy is ready. I hope this snow-white bunny with a bow will delight your child. You can sew such a bunny not only from white fabric - you can use both blue, and pink, and fabric in a small flower.
 Soft toy Bunny with a bow

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