Such a toy will certainly enjoy the girls. It will take a little patience and free time to sew it.
For work you will need:a fleece of yellow, white and orange and black colors, striped cotton fabric, thread, needle, scissors, cotton or synthetic winterizer, small button, ribbon and orange lace.
 materials for the bunny
Workflow. 1. Draw on paper patterns of the head and body of the hare, ears and paws.
Draw Patterns on Paper
2. Cut paper patterns, put on white fleece, circle and cut two parts of the head and torso, two parts of the ears, four parts of the upper and lower legs.
cut out the patterns
3 Sew the parts in pairs, leaving small non-sewn sections.
 Sew parts in pairs
4.Cut out the two details of the ears from the striped cotton fabric.
 cut two details of the ears
5. Fold the details of the ears of cotton with details from white fleece and sew on the edges, leaving small unclosed areas. unclosed plots
6. Turn out all the details.
 Unscrew all details
7. Stuff the paws, torso and head with cotton or synthetic padding. Sew holes through which parts were wadded with cotton.
 wadding cotton
8. Sew ears to the head.
 Sew ears to head
9. Sew on each paw button by button.
 Sew On Buttons
10. Outline with a pencil on the body of the place of attachment of the paws. Sew the upper paws with strong thread, pulling it through the marked points and through the buttons on the feet. As a result, the legs should move.
 legs should move
11. Sew the lower legs in the same way.
 sew lower legs
12. Embroidered nose and mouth with red threads.
 embroider the nose and mouth
13. From black fleece cut eyes and sew to the face.
 eyes and sew to face
14. Sew a skirt. To do this, cut a rectangle measuring 21x11 cm. Fold it in half and sew it on the short side.
 Fold in half
15. Upper and lower edge of the skirt tuck and hem.
 tuck and hem
16. Make a vest. To do this, cut out an orange oval fleece. Cut two circles for feet.
 Cut two circles for legs
17. Insert the orange lace into one of the seams of the skirt. Put on a skirt on a toy and tie a string with a bow. Sew a small button to the vest and cut through the loop. Put the waistcoat on the hare and fasten it.On the ears tie bows of ribbons.
 bows of ribbons
The toy is ready. A child will be able to play with her, sew clothes for her, take them to kindergarten or for a walk.
soft toy bunny

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