By changing just a few details, you can make a very beautiful and practical thing out of the wrap

  • Ideas are wonderful. It is worth taking, because there are several stoles and you can update them in this way.

  • Why buy a tippet and alter it without knowing what, if you can immediately buy a pretty blouse?

  • From the existing palatines, she made an additional lining in the jacket. Now no frost is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    And I sewed pillowcases on the cushions

  • Natalia

    You can buy everything ready and be a representative of the crowd. And it is possible from the "byaki" to create a nnaka! Fly is more interesting than crawling.

  • Anonymous

    Natalia, good girl! It's interesting, but how to live without interest?

  • Anonymous

    Tanechka, write without mistakes! No, together! Do not disgrace yourself!

  • If you do not want to sew and cut at all, then you can do with one strap and wear a warm tippet as a cape.

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