Calendar for 2011

A voluminous calendar for 2011, in the form of a 12-sided figure with the design of our site. It is convenient in that it fits anywhere on your desk; in order to see the desired month you just need to direct the necessary side of the calendar towards you. This calendar will surely bring you good luck in the new year!
The photo shows a calendar made by me from an ordinary piece of A4 paper and printed on a plain black-and-white printer.
It’s best to print on photo paper and accordingly on a color printer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either one or the other ...
And so it looks pretty good in principle.
The file that I suggest below to download from the site will be natural in color , in JPEG format (packed in a RAR archive), and with a sufficiently large resolution. So if you are going to print it on the A1 format, the resolution (depending on your printer) will be excellent.
After you have downloaded the file, you need to print, cut and glue it. It will be more convenient to apply a quick-drying adhesive like PVA.The thinner the layer, the faster it dries.
Finally I want to wish you all the very best in 2011!

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