Can I ride a snowboard in a regular jacket?

Can I ride a snowboard in a regular jacket?

The favorite time of all snowboarders and skiers is very close. It remains to wait a few more months and go to conquer the snowy peaks. The avid winter sports enthusiasts will have to upgrade their equipment, and those who have planned to get on the board for the first time this year are expected to receive relatively considerable expenses. Due to the fact that snowboard, equipment and clothes for snowboarding have a relatively high price, many beginners in the hope of saving, neglect the advice of experienced snowboarders and go to ride in a casual winter jacket. Can I do this?

What is the difference between a regular jacket and a snowboard jacket?

Men's snowboard jacket

Sure, you could try. But after 15-30 minutes of skiing, you will feel why you should not have neglected the advice of more experienced snowboarders.

Like any other sport, snowboarding makes you pretty sweaty. Normal jackets and down jackets, designed to improve thermal insulation, will only contribute to this. Inflated jackets and down jackets are not designed for air circulation, so the moisture can not go outside, but it is perfectly absorbed into clothing and will cool down soon, and you simply freeze. Putting on a snowboard jacket, you can be sure that this will not happen. Why?

  • Membrane tissue

The snowboard jacket has an outer, protective layer of special membrane fabric, the structure of which allows moisture to be released from the inside, but does not let it through. In addition, a special form of membrane prevents the ingress of wind under clothing. Thus, excessive moisture and heat go outside, preventing discomfort and freezing.

  • Filler

The water-repellent ability is also possessed by the jacket filler for snowboarding. Synthetic modern fillers that imitate goose down or thin wool allow not only to feel dry and comfortable, but also perfectly warm even in the most severe frosts.

  • Additional benefits

In addition, all snowboard jackets have a rubberized hem and cuffs that, snug against the body, prevent the ingress of snow and wind under clothing. Some models of jackets also have a special "skirt", located on the side of the lining fabric, and performing additional functions of protection against wind and moisture. A high gate stand and a hood, most often with a slightly oblong protective visor, increase protection against wind or snowstorms. Many mortise zip pockets provide an opportunity to carry everything you need and are not afraid of losing things during the descent. Additional air vents with zippers, located under the arms, provide better air circulation, especially if it is warmer outside than you thought.

Plus, the bright colors and interesting design models of snowboard jackets make it easy to replace everyday autumn and winter down jackets.

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