Can parents become friends with their children?


Types of parents

Today, there are several types of parents - parents who care for the child, and parents who call for the child to be responsible.


The parents who care for the child are not the guardians in the usual sense of the word. They do not run around him and do not wipe his snot with every sneeze. They try to occupy his time with circles, sections, and try to spend maximum time with the child, not realizing that the older he gets, the more independent he should be.

Such parents interfere in the life of their children, in relationships with classmates and friends, they determine what is good and what is bad for him. For all that, they do not think that such a manner of education creates an insecure person who in the future will not be able to make decisions on his own. Also, a child who was raised in this way will not think about the consequences of his decisions.

Giving freedom

The second type of parents is parents who are trying to instil in the child a sense of responsibility and independence as quickly as possible. Therefore, they are trying to expand the limits of the possible responsibility of the child. They do not impose their decisions on the child. They try to make the child understand that he himself must choose circles, based on his tastes and preferences.

How to become a friend for a child: a few rules

  1. The first and foremost thing to remember is that you cannot support the side of a child or school in controversial situations. That is, the right parent-friend should act as a judge, not taking any of the parties.
  2. In no case can not criticize your child because of laziness. As recent studies have shown, lazy children simply do not exist. Therefore, if a child is lazy or refuses something, it is necessary to determine the reason for the refusal. Who knows, maybe the child has attention deficit. In this case, the child will do something only with the parent.
  3. Also, you can not adversely respond to poor progress or poor grades. Here, too, you need to start to understand the reasons for poor performance. It is possible that the child needs some help in the objects.Maybe the child cannot find a common language with the teacher.
  4. Another point - you need to help your child with homework and help him to collect a backpack.

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